It is not what you think, but what you actually do that can change lives.

This morning we woke up at 0330 in the morning in Beirut at our hotel Tahiti Tower, we were suppose to  catch the flight to Istanbul at 0630. The guys from Takaful came and picked us up and drove us to the airport, Mohammed waved us off. Something we all have reacted on is that people are allowed to smoke inside in Beirut, in restaurants and in bars, we all have forgotten how it was when it was allowed in Sweden. 

We flew from Beirut to Istanbul and it went quite quick, we arrived ten past eight and our flight to are leaving at 2250 in the evening, there are a lot of time to waste there.  

When we had landed half the gang decided that they wanted to go to Istanbul, the city center and I, Pim, Annie, John, Tobias and Johanna wanted to take it easy for a while before we decided what to do.  Pim  wanted to stay at he airport, but the rest of us was told that there was a huge outlet just 10 minutes from the airport. So we thought why not, let’s go, so we went to Via Port, apparently one of  the bigger outlets in the country. It was good fun, and we stayed for a couple of hours just to waste time, none of us did any serious shopping.

We went back to the airport, and I think that we all agreed upon that none of us had spent that many hours in an airport ever, counting both when we went to Beirut and when we are going to Copenhagen.

Anyway, we all got a wee bit silly and laughed a lot, I like out crowd a lot and I will miss them when this is over.

We are still waiting at the airport right now and it is about one hour left before we are boarding. Our plane is arriving to Copenhagen at 0110 at night an there are no trains to Helsingborg until 0430 in the morning, that sucks but that is how it is,  and I do not know how to solve that problem right now.

Time is right now 21.32 in the evening at the airport in Istanbul and we are still waiting, but the time are passing very quickly, I guess that sucks too in some sence..

To be continued..


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