It is not what you think, but what you actually do that can change lives.

Last Day in Beirut

 Today has been a very nice day, beside the rain. I and Daniel have been interviewed on radio today. We were picked up at 1030 and driven to the station. It the radio station was a political broadcasting station, but we did our best to keep us as neutral as possible. Because even if our hearts goes out to the Palestinian refugees in the camps, we are humanitarian workers and we help any one despite ethnicity and religion. It was good fun though and it is always good to pick up more media routine.

After the radio interview I just did some internet stuff waiting for Anneli to come back from the TV broadcasting she, Jonna, Chnar and Cecilia went to. But Annelie cam back for some film to bring back to the TV place so I could go back there with her. I have never been in a place like this, highly technological and they broadcasted all over the world by satellite. I was very happy to be guided around the TV station, and the man who showed us around was very handsome. 

 After the TV thing we went down town by Service, a taxi that is much cheaper than a regular taxi, keep that in mind if you ever get here. Down town is very posh and expensive, but quite interesting. I did not buy any stuff, but we bought some food in a very nice food store.


When we got back, we went to Bay Rock to eat dinner; it is the last time the whole group is complete, because tomorrow we leave Beirut at 4 o clock in the morning. Therefore we need to sleep, I will try to post this just now..


Good night everyone, wherever you are..


To be continued..








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