It is not what you think, but what you actually do that can change lives.

Breakfast at seven,  it was almost a sleep in. It was a very nice breakfast with egg and a lot of cheese, but I find it a wee bit odd that half of the breakfast buffet is filled with sweet cookies, baklawas and stuff like that. I guess that is something that differs from Sweden; we don not use as much sugar as they do in Asia and the Middle East. Anyway, we manage to get on the flight in time and it all went very smooth. But when we arrived  Istanbul at none, we knew that the flight to Beirut was an evening flight, at 2030. We had to do the best of it so half the group went into the nearest town and the rest of us bought a coffee and sat down in some cosy sofas. To be honest we sat there and talked for four hours before we went through the security gate. Inside the gates we had some dinner and played some snooker.

After a short while the rest of the group cam and we did some more talking, it was very nice actually to do nothing, it has been a tough drive and we have not have had the time to reflect on the journey until now.


The flight to Beiru twas a bit bumpy and I was a wee bit scared when we were flying in for landing in Beirut, it was heavy rain and thunder, and the landing was slightly wobbly. Yet we touched the ground safe and sound.


TAKAFUL people and Mohammed from Nordic Help came to pick us up at the airport at 2230 and took us to the hotel, well to the place we are going to sleep anyway.


To be continued..



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