It is not what you think, but what you actually do that can change lives.

Today we drove to Camp Es-Smara, the largest refuge camp inWestern Sahara, with approximately 40 000 inhabitants. There is no asphalt roads in this camp, and their electricity are coming from solar power, which is very good, however, it is often a fog of sand in the air and therefore the electricity is not always availably. There is nothing else but sand everywhere, the heat is very intense, we have had between 40-47 degrees Celsius at lunchtime, nevertheless, we see a few children playing football in the midday heat. We have not seen very many animals in the camps besides some cats, but there are a lot of goats in this camp, we are all amazed that they are standing on their knees and they are eating something invisible in the sand. But as it is invisible it cannot fill their stomach properly they eat everything else that they can find, like old clothes and plastic bags; I truly wonder how they digest the plastic bags.

We also went to the handicap centre, as a lot of other third world countries handicapped people are often hidden away and seen as a burden, but here the disabled people were given a place and a purpose in the society. They were thought that they have the same value as anybody else in the world.

One of the largest effort that are taking place in the Western Sahrawian camps in the are that every child that lives in the camps will have a proper education and the result is very satisfying.

A class room in Es-smara 

We finished our tour around lunchtime, when the midday heat begins to set in. We all went back to our families that we are staying in. I, Jenny, Catharina and Christina are staying in a family where thy got a room with AC therefore most of the crowd are visiting us as well after lunch. Most of theSaharaconvoy crew spends the afternoon to sleep, nevertheless, I do not do that because that is the only time of the day when I actually got the time to write.

Roger, Chatarina, Robert och Pim

Ola, Micke, Anders och Jenny

After the midday siesta, we all gathered for dinner in Brahims sister’s tent, Anders and Micke are going home a few days earlier then the rest of us. The dinner was superb, chicken, rice and vegetables and fresh fruit for dessert. Anders and Micke had to leave for the airport at 2200 and their flight are leaving 0240. It is a wee bit sad to say good bye, however, we are wishing them a nice and safe trip back toSweden.

mmmm... food..

Saying good bye to Anders and Micke

To be continued..


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